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What is goal management training?

What is Goal Management Training?


Goal Management Training ® (GMT), researched by the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest, is:

  • A small group workshop consisting of education, real-life tasks, and present-mindedness practice, guided by a GMT-certified occupational therapist.

  • Targeted towards individuals with executive function deficits associated with ADHD, brain injuries, PTSD, mental health disorders, or others. 

  • Appropriate for individuals aged 18-65, who aim to better manage executive dysfunction symptoms to  return to work or productivity. 

"An organized and systematic approach to achieving goals"

(Levine, Manly, and Robertson, 2012)

Executive Function Deficits

EF Deficits

Executive functions are a collection of higher level cognitive abilities that support decision making, planning, attentional focus, and error correction (Levine et al., 2012). Executive function deficits may cause

  • Daily forgetfulness, absentmindedness, or distractibility.

  • Missed deadlines and goals, disorganization, and poor planning.

  • Problems solving and self-regulation difficulties, especially with unexpected situations.

  • Unwanted stress and anxiety.

Learning Outcomes

GMT Learning Outcomes

  • Improve knowledge of the role of executive function in meeting goals, achieving productivity, and returning to work.

  • Learn evidence-based tools to improve goal-oriented behaviour such as priority setting, planning, grading tasks, and sustaining.

  • Implement GMT tools and strategies to return to work, school, or the community.

  • Practice present-mindedness to refocus attention.

  • Apply in-workshop skills  and strategies to practical, real-life tasks. 


GMT Research

Following GMT, clinical research has shown that patients have

  • Applied GMT strategies and tools to support their return to work, school, and responsibilities (Loya et al., 2017; Novakobic-Agopian et al., 2021)

  • Maintained effective executive function in attention, planning, regulation, problem-solving, and self-regulation (Stamenova & Levine, 2019)

  • Continued daily use of GMT strategies for over 2 years (Stamenova & Levine, 2019)

  • Improved long-term mental health, self efficacy, and independence with activities of daily living.

Program Details

Starts September 7, 2023

$950 for 10, weekly, 90-minute sessions and a workbook

Program details

Goal Directed Occupational Therapy Inc.

#106-2750 Quadra St, Victoria, BC

Registration & Questions

If you have any questions or would like to register in the next session, please contact or call 778-350-0939.

GMT client brochures and health professional materials are available upon request. 

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