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Cognitive Rehab

Cognitive Rehabilitation

To maximize function after a brain injury or concussion, a five pillared approach is used for cognitive rehabilitation:

1 - Education 

Providing education to the client and/or caregivers about the injury/illness and what brain changes and challenges are to be expected can alleviate the stress and anxiety that often accompanies this injury. Education is on-going throughout the program.

– Cognitive Training

Cognitive training including attention process training (APT), brain tree and computer based programs are utilized to assist with improving attention, memory, concentration and processing speed.

3 – Strategy Training

Strategies are provided to compensate for memory, attention and other cognitive deficits. Examples of strategies can be low tech such as the use of a daily structured schedule to high tech such as the use of a smart phone.

– Functional Activity Training

Graded Functional Activities are developed to assist the client to reach their identified goals and return to the roles in their daily life. This can include work simulation activities that prepare the client for return to work or for vocational training.

5 - Return to Sport

Using national and military guidelines for return to sport, an occupational therapist will will develop a treatment team to facilitate an individual's return to a pre-injury sport.

Functional Abilities Evaluation

A Functional Abilities evaluation includes standardized assessment of cognitive function and informal observations during a work simulation project. This evaluation compares the results of the client’s cognitive abilities with the cognitive job demands analysis of their work position. The results are used to determine the readiness of the client to return to their occupation. Recommendations can be provided for compensatory strategies and adaptations for both the client and employer to develop a structured and safe return to work program.

Small Group Therapy Programs


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