The occupational therapist (OT) will continue to work with the client after injury to provide recommendations for rehabilitation, and to monitor home support needs, transportation needs and ongoing personal care or home supports. The OT will oversee and communicate with the treatment team to ensure that the client is moving forward, setting goals and returning to their everyday activities and previous level of functioning, including return to work.

Hospital Discharge Planning

The community occupational therapist (OT) collaborates with the hospital occupational therapist in the selection of assistive technology to improve home safety such as walkers, grab bars and bath benches to enhance home safety. The OT will also assist with providing recommendations for home support requirements, for example home care, transportation and rehabilitation needs. Home visits prior to discharge can also be completed to determine the equipment required.

Home Safety Assessments

An occupational therapist (OT) will complete a home visit to determine equipment needs, personal care needs and homemaking needs of an individual after an injury and provide recommendations for improved safety and optimal (or independent) functioning within their homes.

Home Renovations For Accessibility

The occupational therapist (OT) will work with the home owner and contractor to develop a functional and aesthetically acceptable design for the home renovation. These renovations could include:

  •  Improving the accessibility of the home by installation of a porch lift and/or ramp

  •  Improving the access inside the home with installation of a stair glide or elevator

  •  Improving the access in the bathroom by installation of equipment or complete renovation

  •  Installation of overhead lifts for bed to wheelchair transfers or wheelchair to commode transfers

  •  Recommendations for new home construction for doorway widths, counter heights, cabinet design and more

Pain Management Education

An occupational or physiotherapist who has completed ongoing education on pain management will work with the client to develop self management strategies that allow the client to become as functional as possible within the limits of their pain. A progressive exercise program will be developed to enable the client to progress their functional abilities.



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