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Goa Management Training
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Goal Management Training


Goal Management Training (GMT) is a weekly, 90-minute, evidence-based, small group workshop. It is designed for individuals aged 18 to 65, with executive function difficulties and a primary goal to return to work or productivity. GMT participants learn tools and strategies to improve attentional focus, manage and prioritize complex tasks, and increase productivity. These tools are applied to practical, real-life tasks. The weekly sessions consist of education, discussion, present-mindedness practice, in-workshop tasks, and between-session assignments. 

Manage Stress for Work Success

Manage Stress for Work Success (MSWS) is an evidence informed, small-group workshop run by two GDOT occupational therapists. Each session will consist of education, in-class activities, discussion, and take home practice.  MSWS is designed for individuals who are struggling with work-related stress or unable to work due to stress. The learning outcomes of MSWS is to:

  • Identify your stress response, the potential influences, and how this may impact in your daily life.

  • Build a resilience toolkit to better manage workplace stress.

  • Apply in-workshop concepts to real-life, work situations.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when faced with stress or changing demands. With the tools learned in MSWS, clients may have:

  • Improved work productivity and a sustainable return to work.

  • An increased capacity to manage stress.

  • Increased mental and physical health and well-being.

Program Details


Registration & Questions

If you have any questions or would like to register in the next session, please contact or call 778-350-0182.

MSWS client brochures and 1-pager information for health care providers are available upon request. 

Next start date is January 17, 2023

$575 for 6-weekly sessions and a workbook

Goal Directed Occupational Therapy, Inc.

#106-2750 Quadra St

GDOT Inc. proudly provides services across Vancouver Island for private and public sectors, and long term disability carriers.

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