Cost of Future Care

Cost of future care (CFC) evaluations are completed by occupational therapists who have specialized skills and expertise in assessing functional performance in self-care tasks, leisure pursuits and vocation. They are also experienced in making rehabilitation, equipment and home or community support recommendations.


A CFC evaluation combines a medical review, the client’s functional status and collateral information obtained from active treatment providers and families to develop a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation, equipment and support required for the client’s future success. The goal of this comprehensive plan is to restore the client to as close to pre-injury function as reasonably possible. Our occupational therapists have experience testifying in court and some have been accepted as an expert witness in the field of Occupational therapy in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Functional Abilities Evaluation

A Functional Abilities evaluation includes standardized assessment of cognitive function and informal observations during a work simulation project. This evaluation compares the results of the client’s cognitive abilities with the cognitive job demands analysis of their work position. The results are used to determine the readiness of the client to return to their occupation. Recommendations can be provided for compensatory strategies and adaptations for both the client and employer to develop a structured and safe return to work program.


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